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Who We Are

Sparta Luxe, LLC is a contract cut and sew factory located in Baltimore, Maryland, specializing in Active Wear and Sports Wear apparel. We offer CMT or full package services, including short or long term contracts. For over the last 35 years, we have provided services to both domestic and internationally known brands.

Our services include, design, sourcing, pattern making, cutting and assembling of apparel at a very competitive cost. Quality and quick turn-around of products is our specialty, all proudly made in the USA:

  • We  provide consulting services to aspiring designers and new manufacturers. We will walk you through the process and are able to take your ideas from initial concept to finished products.

  • We welcome already  established manufacturers, who are currently sourcing domestically, and may potentially cut manufacturing costs while keeping current QC and delivery schedule intact. This is possible as we keep our overhead lean, in turn, passing on the savings to prospective customers.

  • We are able to help the larger PPE manufacturers as a sub contractor.

  • Sparta Luxe is an approved and established government supplier/contractor with the CAGE code and DLA identity. We are open to DOD sub-contractor work as well.



  • Higher manufacturing quality – In the US, the quality expectations are higher. Also, US-based manufacturers are more reliable.

  • Higher labor Standards – Basically, working conditions, wages, and even worker rights are much better in the United States when compared to other countries.

  • Easy and efficient communication – Communication with suppliers are much easier. In most cases, you won’t have to deal with time zone issues and cultural conflicts.

  • Similar time zones and holiday schedule – This makes things for entrepreneurs much easier. Entrepreneurs won’t have to deal with delays.

  • USA-manufactured products are easier to market and brand – Branding and marketing goods manufactured in the United States is much easier when compared to goods manufactured in other countries. The better marketability and brandability could be associated with people believing that US-made goods have better quality.

  • Cheaper shipping rates and faster shipping times – This means that you get to fulfill all the orders made by your customers more quickly. Also, with lower shipping rates, you get a better profit margin.

  • You won’t have to deal with tariffs and duties – Both tariffs and duties eat into your profit margin.

  • Higher payment security – This reduces the risk of losing your money after paying for your inventory.

  • Intellectual property right protection – This ensures that your symbols, names, images, or even artistic works are safe.

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